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Rajesh Gupta asked 1 year ago

Dear Manager,
               Greetings from INGEMCO – International Gemological Consortium. We are a chain of
growing Gemological Laboratories spread throughout India.
Your institution is highly regarded for Professional Training of Gemology, and we have a requirement of
a Gemologist proficient in Grading both Diamonds and Gemstones at our Lucknow Laboratory.
We hope that some of your Diploma Holders will be eligible for the Position, which is open for
immediate joining. Selecting a Gemologist from your institution will ensure us that only a genuinely
qualified professional is appointed at the position and it will also improve your Placement Numbers.
Below are the necessary criteria that the Candidate must fulfill –
1) Knowledge of Grading both Diamonds and Gemstones.
2) Willing to relocate to Lucknow, housing will be provided by us.
3) We require a Male candidate only.
4) Candidate with Minimum 1 Year Experience will be given preference.
We expect that you will be able to assist us in finding the right professional for the position.
Looking forward to your feedback.
With Warm Wishes
Bhanuj S.
Ingemco – Lucknow
739081 3333
828700 5657

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Polasa manikrishna answered 2 months ago

Hi thsz is mani krishna i have done my diamond grading and gemollogy in gems i have a experience indiamond asorting and identification of gems

Moni Johnson answered 1 week ago

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