Frequently Asked Questions about Gemology?

  1. What is Gemology?

    1. Gemology is the scientific study of Gemstones. Gemology is the branch of Mineralogy and mineralogy is the branch of geology. Most of the Gemstones are minerals, but not all minerals are Gemstones. Gemology includes sources, formation and mining of Gemstones, their physical & optical properties and their identification.
  2. Why should you learn Gemology?

    • Gem stone market is full with Synthetic/Imitation stones.
    • Synthetic stones are getting closer to Natural stones due to advanced Techniques.
    • Due to Globalization, Market has become very Competitive & hard to work without knowledge.
    • Most of the gemstones are treated these days.
    • More Customer awareness due to easy access to information.
    • Limited Gem Resources & Increased interest in Gemstone buying.
    • Gems & Jewellery is one of the biggest & Profitable industries.
    • Less Customer Loyalty, Buy with Facts not Emotions.
    • Jewellery Business changed from Traditional to Professional.
    • Better Business & Job Opportunities than most sectors.
  3. Who can join Gems & Gemology courses at GJI?

    1. Anyone can join course at GJI, who want to make career in Gems & Jewellery, who want to starts their business.
  4. What are the eligibility criteria to join Gemology and Diamond grading course?

    1. The person should have completed senior secondary, the people who are already in Gems & Jewellery business or have relevant experience can join our courses. There is no age limit and person of any age can join these courses.
  5. Are these courses theoretical or practical?

    1. GJI course are very practical. Course are very much business and market oriented to help people start their business.
  6. Does the institute guide students to start their business?

    1. GJI provides full guidance & technical support to students in setting up new business in Gemstones, Diamonds & Jewelelry. This extends even after completion of the course. GJI has team of qualified professional Gemologists & jewellery experts.
  7. How do I manage to join course at GJI as I am already working /doing business?

    1. GJI has customized courses for working professionals. GJI conducts flexible & fast track courses for business people.
  8. Am I eligible to join gemology course if have no jewellery background and prior knowledge?

    1. People with no background of Gems & Jewellery are also eligible.
  9. Do I get to practice in Gemological Laboratory during course?

    1. Yes, GJI has fully equipped gemological laboratory to practice gem testing techniques. Students get to practice on all gem testing instruments like Refractometer, Polariscope, Dichroscope, Spectroscope etc. GJI course are very practical & market oriented.
  10. Do I get to learn valuation/pricing of gemstones & diamonds?

    1. Valuation/pricing is also covered in the course. All parameters that affect the price of gemstone are discussed.
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